The Ultimate Developer Toolkit

  • Includes 100+ beautiful, fast grids, charts, and other UI controlsBuild web, mobile, and desktop applicationsUse today’s most popular frameworks

  • Build high-performing, responsive web applications in JavaScript/HTML5 Works with Angular, React, and other popular frameworks Build Angular apps with the native Angular components in Ignite UI for Angular Includes ASP.NET MVC server-side wrappersLearn More

    Infragistics Ignite UI Javascript / HTML5 Controls
  • Build native, great-looking, high-performance apps for iOS and Android Accelerate development with productivity tools like App Map, NuGet-powered Toolbox, and Control ConfiguratorsLearn More

  • Includes 100+ high-performing grids, dashboards, reports, and other UI controls Build modern enterprise software with Microsoft Office®-style UI controls Supports touch and gestureLearn More

  • Shorten development time with lightning-fast data grids and dynamic data visualization Create modern, engaging apps for desktop and touch-screen devicesLearn More

  • Includes the world's fastest data grids, charts, and other ASP.NET AJAX UI components Build intuitive, full-featured business applications for any web browserLearn More

  • Create running prototypes for mobile, web, and desktop apps Test designs with users before writing one line of code Automate user acceptance testing (UAT) schedulesLearn More

  • ReportPlus Embedded SDK

    • Embed analytics and interactive reports into your app
    • Maintain the look and feel of your brand
    • Supports desktop, web, and iOS apps

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    Infragistics Ultimate Developer Toolkit


    • Deliver modern experiences for desktop, mobile, Xbox, HoloLens, and other Windows devices
    • Includes lightning-fast data grid and dozens of best-in-class charts

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    • Create fast, intuitive native iPad and iPhone apps for consumers or business
    • Includes advanced data grid and versatile charts, gauges, and widgets

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    • Includes responsive, native, high-performance data grids, gauges, and barcodes
    • Analyze large datasets with dynamic, zoomable chart controls

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Learn best practices and see the UI controls in action.ベストプラクティスやリファレンス実装を学習 全てのリファレンス アプリケーションを閲覧する »
Angular Reference App

Angular リファレンス アプリケーション

Xamarin Reference Application

Xamarin リファレンス アプリケーション

WPF Reference Application

WPF リファレンス アプリケーション

Windows Forms Reference Application

Windows Forms リファレンス アプリケーション


Infragistics Ultimate で提供されるコントロール

Infragistics Ultimate にはデスクトップや Web などの主要プラットフォーム向けの UI コントロールだけではなく、モバイル向けコントロールも含まれています。

Infragistics Ultimate の新機能

  • Xamarin、モダン Web 向けプロダクティビティ ツールの提供!

    Automate and streamline your coding with the Productivity Pack. Includes templates, code snippets, and control configurators. JavaScript/HTML5 Productivity Pack coming in Q2!

  • 高速 グリッドとデータ可視化コントロール

    The fastest, most agile grids, now with improved data template support and faster sorting. Revamped data visualization library includes faster, smoother rendering and easier API.

  • Angular と React のサポート

    Full Angular support, including new open source components. Preview of new React components. Full ASP.NET Core support with tag helpers.

  • モダンなデスクトップ体験の提供

    New Ultimate UI for WPF and Ultimate UI for Windows Forms features, including themes, category chart, zoom, and navigation controls. Revamped Color Picker makes it easier to customize the user experience.

Ignite UI Reference Apps

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