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Ignite UI Write Fast Lesson: Fast, smooth data grid scrolling

Fast, smooth data grid scrolling

The Ignite UI for JavaScript Grid component lets you optimize data handling for smooth, fast scrolling and virtualization on any device, even for thousands of rows across dozens of columns. Experience it for yourself by using the Angular reference app to configure a grid for both fixed and continuous virtualization.

Ignite UI Write Fast Lesson: The fastest data visualizations

The fastest data visualizations

Ignite UI for JavaScript data visualizations scale to handle the most demanding datasets, managing vast amounts of data with no lag or delays. Learn how to configure a chart to work with a large dataset.

Ignite UI Write Fast Lesson: Zoom in on Data on any Device

Zoom in on data on any device

With the Ignite UI for JavaScript zoom bar, users can quickly and smoothly dive into the details of a data visualization on any interface, making data more usable on mobile devices. Try it yourself.