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  • Getting started with Windows Forms Learn how easy it is to create a Windows 8 inspired App using our Infragistics Windows Forms controls in just a few minutes.

    What your looking at is a windows 8 inspired application. It’s an application built in Windows Forms so it will run on XP, Vista or windows 7. And it looks and feels like Windows8, you can move the tiles around and you can customize the experience anyway you want. So how do you build this kind of application?
  • Adding a Data Grid in Windows Forms Adding a Data Grid in Windows Forms This is the second in a series of videos that show you how to build applications with Infragistics Windows Forms. In the first one we built a Windows 8 inspired application that you can see here that runs on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and we're going to add more functionality in this video.
  • Office Inspired Apps Made Easy Building Office-Inspired apps has never been more important. Your users count on a reduced learning curve to ensure that they can quickly use the apps that you build, and Infragistics has built a collection of tools to do just that.
  • Creating an Office-Inspired Ribbon In this video, we're going to walk through the steps you'll need to take to create a Windows Forms application with a Microsoft-Office-inspired ribbon. So let's jump right in.
  • Creating an App with a Backstage View Today we're going to learn how to create a Windows Forms application with Microsoft Office Backstage view, similar to what you'll find in Microsoft Word.
  • Exploring Windows Forms Grid Controls Within Infragistics' Windows Form toolset, WinGrid is one of the largest and full featured controls available. In this video we're going to walk through a host of features found in the WinGrid - take a look!