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  • Microsoft Build 2017: What's New in Xamarin.Forms?
    投稿日: 05/16/2017 4:42 午前  作成者:  Infragistics Team
    Microsoft Build 2017 wrapped up last week and covered some great content on the future of development. If you weren’t at Build to stop by the Infragistics booth and pick up your Infragistics flashlight, you can still watch all of the...
  • How does Xamarin Studio compare to native Android development?
    投稿日: 01/21/2016 4:15 午前  作成者:  DevToolsGuy
    When developing apps for Android, your first instinct may well be to open up Android Studio. Since this environment gives you all the tools, support and libraries you would want to build an Android app, it would quite naturally be your first...
  • Xamarin.Forms + Infragistics Webinar Follow-up
    投稿日: 04/15/2015 4:23 午後  作成者:  Jason Beres
    I want to thank everyone for attending our Webinar where we talked about the value of Xamarin.Forms and how the Infragistics native UI tools can help you deliver rich, engaging enterprise-grade apps for any modern mobile platform. To view the...