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  • What are the Top Features in Infragistics Ultimate 17.1? (Podcast)
    投稿日: 07/12/2017 9:53 午前  作成者:  Infragistics Team
    The universe of software development is moving fast, and chances are it’s not going to slow down. But Infragistics Ultimate controls and productivity tools smooth the transition between platforms and help you save time and money...
  • Scroll Seamlessly Through Large SQLite Tables in Xamarin.Forms with Low Memory Overhead
    投稿日: 07/10/2017 4:00 午前  作成者:  [Infragistics] Graham Murray
    If you’ve already worked with Infragistics' Xamarin.Forms/Xamarin.Android/Xamarin.iOS DataGrid (XamDataGrid) you’ll have discovered it knows some very neat tricks. You can bind it to a remote OData service and scroll through the...
  • Your Ultimate 17.1 Questions, Answered
    投稿日: 07/05/2017 5:12 午前  作成者:  Infragistics Team
    Thanks to everyone who attended our Infragistics Ultimate 17.1 webinar. We’re very excited about all the great new features and updates in this new release and we hope you are as well. Please don’t forget to download a demo of Infragistics...