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Xamarin Run Fast Lesson: Virtual Data Grid

Virtual Data Grid

The Ultimate UI for Xamarin data grid’s virtual rendering can handle unlimited data, rows or columns with fast rendering, smooth touch interactions, and customized column and row interactions. In this video, you’ll see the code to simply set up a data grid connected to an OData service, and you’ll experience the incredible performance of the grid on iOS and Android.

Xamarin Run Fast Lesson: High-Performance, High-Volume, Charting

High-Performance, High-Volume Charting

Need visualizations that can render thousands to millions of data points flawlessly on a mobile device with millisecond refresh rates and immediate touch response? In this video, you’ll learn how to render a chart with default settings to experience high-volume, real-time data for your most demanding scenarios.

Xamarin Run Fast Lesson: Stree Test Rendering

Stress Test Rendering

In financial and medical applications, rendering multiple charts on a single screen with near real-time data is standard practice. Your UI tools need to meet the demands of these high-stress data scenarios, where 10 to 15 charts are updating data as fast as the eye can see. In this video, you’ll see how an Ultimate UI for Xamarin data chart performs under this level of stress on standard tablets and phones, and how you can tweak charts to optimize performance.