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ReportPlus Features

True Self-Service BI - ReportPlus is touch enabled to make it simple to create dashboards and tell your story within minutes

True Self-Service BI

Built by user experience experts and made for business users, ReportPlus is touch enabled to make it simple to create dashboards and tell your story within minutes.

  • A familiar drop and drag experience to connect the most popular data sources
  • Swipe and quickly choose visualization types
  • Tap a field to set filters
  • Save your dashboard on premise or in the Cloud
  • One click to share your story with everyone

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Connect to data sources like Excel, SQL, Hadoop Hive, Dropbox, Salesforce and more with ReportPlus

Connect To Your Data In Real-Time

We never store your data. Access and connect directly to data anywhere in real-time, including local Excel spreadsheets, on premise SQL databases and Hadoop Hive, or cloud services including: Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics, Flurry, appFigures and more.

Combine disparate data sources without writing code. Become a data driven pro.

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Create Interactive Dashboards with ReportPlus by choosing from over 20 data visualization types

Create Interactive Dashboards

Choose from over 30 visualization types to create robust dashboards and quickly style them with preset themes to customize colors and fonts. Make sense of data sets of all sizes, realize trends and clearly inform your decision making process to advance your business.

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Embedded BI with ReportPlus

Integrate Dashboards Into Your Next App

Quickly create custom data visualizations and embed them directly into your next app. With multiple platform options, ReportPlus Embedded allows you to maintain the look and feel of your brand and reach your application users on any device, in any location.

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Build your first dashboard with us! Introducing Infragistics Data Viz Dashboard Concierge Program.

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Desktop & Mobile

One subscription for anyone to create, edit, and share dashboards from their office or on-the-go.

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Deploy on premise or in a private cloud and provide Web-based reports to your entire organization.

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Add powerful analytics to your next desktop, mobile or Web application while maintaining your brand.

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