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  • Get a Free Copy of Eric Reiss’ Usable Usability
    投稿日: 02/06/2017 3:30 午前  作成者:  George Abraham
    Usability has become a business imperative: The more difficult a product or service is to use, the less likely a customer will buy it (or will buy it a second time). Now you can learn the fundamentals of usability design with a free copy of...
  • Prototyping and UX Design: Building Prototypes for Non-Designers
    投稿日: 11/18/2016 10:21 午前  作成者:  Dave Broschinsky
    In Part 2 of the Prototyping and UX Design series, Dave Broschinsky of LANDESK Software explores how prototyping helps even non-designers contribute to better product development By Dave Broschinsky, UX Principal at LANDESK Software Note: Dave...
  • Indigo Studio Helps Teams Collaborate to Build Apps Right the First Time
    投稿日: 11/14/2016 3:47 午前  作成者:  DevToolsGuy
    Indigo Studio empowers designers, developers, product managers and end users to collaboratively create and test rapid prototypes for mobile, desktop and modern web. Cranbury, NJ - November 14, 2016 – Infragistics, a worldwide leader in...